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police K9Dawn Havens has been in law enforcement for well over a decade, but one date will forever stand out in her memory: June 5th, 2017, the day she met Kara, a former shelter dog in training to become a K9. As soon as the one-year-old “pit bull” came out of her kennel to meet Dawn, […]

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adopt pit bull partyIt’s trendy these days to “rent” fluffy young puppies for a birthday party. Sadly, puppies from pet shops or puppies sold online are often sourced from puppy mills, save for those stores who have chosen — or are legally bound — to exclusively sell rescue puppies. So one young woman, a long-time volunteer for Foster Dogs, Inc., wanted […]

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dog in kiddie poolThere is nothing Lexi Mama loves more than summertime, when the volunteers at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island bring out the plastic kiddie pool, the hose, and some of her favorite toys and balls. Lexi first arrived at the shelter in 2014, meaning the majority of her life has been spent in […]

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leo featureKatie Newhouse has been a UPS driver for 15 years. One year ago, she met the dog that would change her life. You may not know this, but most UPS drivers are huge dog lovers. There’s even a Facebook Page called UPS Dogs where drivers post pictures and stories about the dogs they encounter on their […]

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happy dog frisbyWhen Frisby was picked up off the streets of Long Island last year, he was still a puppy — and he reminded everyone at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter of a little bowling ball. He’s been at the shelter ever since, and he’s grown. Even though Frisby is now closer to the size of a beach […]

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dog waits in kennelAt one or two years old, Benjamin is still a baby— his paws seem too big for his body, and he has a signature “goofy puppy run.” Benjamin is also homeless. He’s spent most of his life in a kennel at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island, New York. Benjamin loves playing fetch […]

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angel stand up for pits foundationLet’s be honest. Pit bull-type dogs are funny, from their giant blocky heads, to the goofy faces and antics they create, right down to their hilarious vocals. Chances are, if you’ve met one of these “types” you’ve probably had a good chuckle at some point. However, the bad reputation they have gotten over the years—and the abuse […]

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pit bull rescuedIt didn’t look like there was much hope for poor Marco the Pit Bull. Blind, sick, and hurt, Marco didn’t seem to have a chance. But thanks to one dedicated rescuer and some passionate dog lovers, Marco has a new lease on life. Marco had a skin infection, mange, sores, barely any hair, and his […]

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beagle rescued after 2 yearsBosco has been separated from his owner for over two years. Scared and on his own, the pup had to fend for himself. But after long, lonely years on the streets, Bosco finally got to hear his person’s voice again. Bosco, a beagle mix, was leashed up in his backyard back in January 2014. Somehow, the […]

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Source: BrewDog / InstagramJames Watt and Martin Dickie have given their canine friend Bracken credit as a co-founder since they first began their brewing company, BrewDog, in 2007. So it comes as no surprise that they’re dog lovers. What is surprising, though, is BrewDog’s new “puppy parental leave” policy! The Scottish company, which boasts nearly 1000 employees from Brazil to […]

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child reads to shelter dogWhen the local children come to volunteer at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island, there’s one dog they always want to see: Chase. The kids are part of the reading program, and while they aren’t allowed to touch the dogs, they are allowed to sit outside their cages, open up their books, and […]

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adopt three-legged dogLogan, a 2-year-old pit bull mix at Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, was having a tough time finding a home. He had been at the shelter for weeks with little interest, perhaps due to the fact that he had an amputated leg — or maybe it was because his perfect human hadn’t found him yet. That perfect […]

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dog comforts crying babyWhen a new baby comes into the house, we don’t always know how our pups will react. But Peanut the Lab takes her responsibilities as an older sibling very seriously. Watch Peanut comfort her tiny brother: Related: This Dog Has The Most Unexpected Reaction When He Finds Out He’s Getting A Baby Brother Header image via […]

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golden retriever with toyLast summer, Imgur user GMJTI shared the story of his dog with the internet. Stanley, the dog, isn’t just any dog. He’s possibly the quirkiest dog on the planet. GMJTI adopted Stanley five years prior from Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, Inc. The pair met while the pup was one year old and in a […]

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superhero dogWhen you picture a therapy dog, a pit bull might not immediately spring to mind. However, Aladdin, a 5-year-old pit bull, may just be the hardest-working therapy pit bull out there. Laddy, with his adorable pout, is bringing joy and comfort to thousands of people through several charities. He is working to break down stereotypes about the […]

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dog in cage learns to runPoor little Liszka spent most of her life unable to play like a normal, happy puppy. After spending most of her time living sad, lonely days locked in a tiny cage, the cute pup could barely even walk. But with the help of her rescuers and her new forever family, this sweet pup is learning […]

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puppy learns to use doggy doorSometimes we humans need to step aside, and let dogs be the teachers. Here, an older dog does an excellent job patiently showing a tiny puppy how to use the doggy door. Watch as the puppy begins to catch on: Related: These Gentle Dogs Are Teaching New Puppies About Bath Time Header images via Rumble  

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dog with tennis ballsFor any dog that loves tennis balls, this would be a dream come true. Watch this black lab react to the best game of fetch in his life: Related: Lonely Dog Has The Most Heartbreaking Reaction To Tennis Balls Header images via Rumble

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dog smokey with elephant toyGoing to the animal shelter can be a scary thing: You’re all alone. You don’t know where you are or what happened. There are all sorts of new sounds and smells. And you don’t know where your family is or why they left you. Sometimes you just need something to comfort you. For my dog, […]

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pack of dogsIf there’s one thing pit bull owners and lovers are familiar with, it’s the impressive snorts and sounds that a pittie can make to convey how they’re feeling. For Porky and Josie of the Bay Area Bullies Rescue, bacon is the reason behind some very funny antics — and sounds! A post shared by Bay Area Bullies […]

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adoptable shelter dog cloverClover is the longest resident at the Yonkers Animal Shelter in New York. She has been waiting for a home for about 800 days. The little red dog was abandoned on the side of a busy road after having given birth to a litter of puppies. She was less than a year old herself when […]

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french bulldogSome days are harder than others. For French Bulldog Bruley, one coping strategy for a hard day is talking it out. He wants to go over the details of his day with his mom — every detail — including a few complaints. Related: What’s Our Little Pit Bull Problem Today? He tells his mom everything, starting from the […]

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stand up for pits foundationApril 2nd, 2017, will mark the one year anniversary of the passing of icon and true inspiration, Angel. Though Angel is no longer with us, her story continues to make a difference in the lives of so many pit bull types and humans via the organization her love and influence helped found — The Stand Up For Pits […]

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adoptable dog princessNo one knows what happened to Princess’s puppies. The young momma dog was abandoned on the street, and even though she’s been at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter for more than a year, you can still tell she was a mom. J. has been a shelter volunteer for a long time, and he doesn’t like […]

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girls snuggle rescue dogsIt was only a few months ago that Roberta and Curtis Griner’s dreams of adopting children were starting to become reality — a reality that they were excited to share with their rescued fur babies. The Griners traveled to Poland in December 2016 to meet three little girls they knew were the ones for them from the moment […]

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puppy eats peanut butterWhen you’re a puppy, new sights, smells, and tastes can be overwhelming. This puppy named Charlie is trying hard to figure out what “peanut butter” is, but he can’t quite get there. Watch him have a little fun with a spoonful of it: Related: 5 Easy Homemade Dog Treats To Make Your Pup Happy Header image: Screenshot […]

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pit bull meets copWe don’t often hear positive stories when it comes to pit bulls and the media, particularly when there is law enforcement involved. However, those of us familiar with the breeds know that most pitties are sweet as can be, and are always ready to make a new friend. That’s exactly what happened when Deputy Mark […]

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We all like to see our dogs wag their tails with happiness, but what about a human-like smile? This dog has it down to an art! Watch the sweet pup smile on command: Related: After An Amazing Recovery, One Shelter Dog Learns How To Smile

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January 19th, 2017, was the first night Mocha spent without Hazel by her side. It was also the first night Hazel spent without Mocha. Their family had surrendered them both to the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island, and they spent the night in separate cages, crying for one other with their noses pressed […]

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While many were celebrating New Year’s Eve 2016, a Michigan man suffered a terrible accident that could have ended his life, had it not been for his faithful dog Kelsey. The man, who preferred to be known simply as “Bob” to reporters, slipped outside in the freezing cold with no one nearby to call for help. […]

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