Dog House Design Inspirations
A window seat will provide your pet with a comfortable place to sit and relax while admiring the scenery. When it comes to window seats, you have two options: buy a ready-made perch or build one yourself. Both options are, fortunately, relatively simple and inexpensive. Here's how to make a pet-friendly window seat suggested by window installation Akron Ohio.
Purchase a Perch That Has Already Been Made
Window perches are available at most pet shops. These are inexpensive and simple to build, costing between $25 and $40. Check the weight requirements before buying a ready-made perch. Most of these items are designed for cats, but if you decide to use the perch for a small dog, make sure it can support your pet's weight.
Installing these items usually takes less than ten minutes. Simply screw the supports into the platform, extend the pre-made cushion, apply padding to the platform, and place it on your windowsill.
Some kits have Velcro for securing the platform to the sill, while others suggest screwing it in place. Velcro is a great choice for tenants who are unable to make permanent improvements to their residence.
How to Create a Window Seat from the Ground Up
Pre-made perches do not meet the needs of many pet owners. If their pet weighs too much or the perch doesn't suit their windowsill, they'll need to custom-build something a little more durable. Fortunately, making a perch isn't as difficult as it seems. The overall cost of the project should be under $25, and it should only take a few hours of your time.
To begin, purchase a piece of wood 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and one inch thick, as well as a set of shelf brackets (or L-brackets) and 1 1/2 inch screws from your local home improvement store. Around four inches from the outer edges of the piece of wood, screw the shelf brackets in place.
The wood should then be placed along the windowsill. Screw the shelf brackets into the wall, making sure it stays flat against the glass. Then, about four times around the length of the perch, screw the wood into the windowsill.
Next, make your pet's perch as comfortable as possible. Purchase a piece of padding that is at least 18 inches long and 12 inches wide, as well as a yard of soft material, from a fabric or craft shop. Using a staple gun, attach the padding to the top of the perch and cut it to size.
Then, using the staple gun, wrap the fabric around the perch and secure it underneath.
Your pet will rest and relax in peace now that you know how to make a window seat for them. When you're away from home, window seats will also keep your pet entertained. Giving your pet something to do during the day will help them avoid boredom and reduce their need for day care.